Our story

With roots going back to 2011, Seldon Technologies Ltd was founded in 2014 with a simple yet ambitious aim: accelerate the adoption of machine learning to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Since 2014, we have achieved:
  • Raised over £10m VC funding.
  • Over one million models deployed.
  • 10k active clusters growing over 10% MoM.
  • Partnered with industry leaders including Google, Red Hat, IBM, NVIDIA and AWS.

Power to the people.
Powered by machines.

To achieve mass uptake, it’s essential to democratise technologies that were previously the preserve of tech giants – and put them in everyone’s hands. By February 2015 we’d made our first open-source release which has become one of the world’s most popular machine learning platforms. A year later, as part of Barclays Techstars, we began building applied AI use cases alongside the brightest minds in finance and technology. And we haven’t stopped.

Today, you’ll find us at Rise London, the Shoreditch home of fintech, where we host TensorFlow London, a community of over 1600 data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts. We’re kinetic, flexible and always looking to the future.

Seldon is a guest advisor to the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group for Artificial Intelligence.

Careers at Seldon

We are Seldon...

Clive Cox Bio Picture

Clive Cox


Former rocket scientist, Clive is the brains behind the Seldon engine and has spent the last few years developing our algorithms and predictive platform. He was awarded a Ph.D. in computational linguistics and studied speech & language processing at Cambridge University.

Inga Veidmane-Millere Bio Picture

Inga Veidmane-Millere

Operations Manager

Broad skillset from design to project management. Inga has an MA in innovation management and experience organising the UK’s first machine learning communities leaders event.

Giovanni Vacanti Bio Picture

Giovanni Vacanti

Data Scientist

Giovanni is a theoretical quantum physicist and data science expert with eight years experience in academic research. He received his Ph.D from the National University of Singapore.

Janis Klaise Bio Picture

Janis Klaise

Data Scientist

Janis is a data scientist experienced in building predictive models for clients in the finance and insurance industries. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics and complexity science from the University of Warwick and is highly skilled in the mathematical modelling of complex systems.

Gurminder Sunner Bio Picture

Gurminder Sunner

VP Engineering

Gurminder has extensive experience architecting highly scalable systems in the games, media and e-commerce industries. His role at Seldon ensures that the services running on the backend systems maintain their high availability and continue to grow in innovative ways.

Arnaud Van Looveren Bio Picture

Arnaud Van Looveren

Data Scientist

Previously, Arnaud worked as a quantitative researcher developing innovative systematic trading strategies in asset management. He studied chemical engineering, economics and finance at Imperial College and also enjoys the occasional Kaggle competition.

Alejandro Saucedo Bio Picture

Alejandro Saucedo

ML Engineering Director

Alejandro has over 10 years software development experience. Throughout his career, Alejandro has held technical leadership positions across hyper-growth scale-ups and tech giants including Eigen Technologies, Bloomberg LP and Hack Partners.

James Tovey Bio Picture

James Tovey

Sales Director

James has a proven background working in Global software organisations and privately owned companies working with solutions such as ERP, Digital Transformation, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning/AI. At Seldon, he is responsible for the growth, management and strategy of our sales organisation.

Alex Housley Bio Picture

Alex Housley

Founder and CEO

Alex is a deep tech entrepreneur on a mission to help people predict and shape the future. For fun, he co-created the genome laser, which sequenced their DNA and blasted it into space with an enormous laser. Alex is a guest advisor at the All-Party Parliamentary Group on artificial intelligence.

Our board and advisors

Nadine Torbey Bio Picture

Nadine Torbey

Nadine Torbey is an investor at AlbionVC, the technology investment arm of London-based Albion Capital Group. She has seven years of investing experience from seed to Series A in start-ups across artificial intelligence, digital platforms, marketplaces and hardware.

Naoki Kamimaeda Bio Picture

Naoki Kamimaeda

Partner / AI & Cyber Security Europe Office Representative at Global Brain Corporation.

Simon Greenman Bio Picture

Simon Greenman

Partner at Best Practice AI, Global AI Council member at World Economic Forum with over 20 years C-suite experience.

Azeem Azhar Bio Picture

Azeem Azhar

Chief at Exponential View; VP at Schibsted. Previously CEO and founder of PeerIndex. Thought leader in AI.

Rakesh Harji Bio Picture

Rakesh Harji

UK founder of Masterpayments (NASDAQ UEPS). Previously founder & MD at Blue Yonder.

Steve Karmeinsky Bio Picture

Steve Karmeinsky

Steve set-up the internet’s first dance radio station and was involved with the first netcast of BigBrother.

Miles Ross Bio Picture

Miles Ross

Miles has a 15 year background in building digital businesses across start-up, growth and mature companies.

Investors and partners

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